January 2, 2023

7 years and over 300 prototypes later, Kevin Jabou, Founder & Inventor perfected the design and technology to create Kaelo – the amazing solution to the centuries-old search for ways to maintain drinks cold outside the fridge.

The Kaelo is an open bottle host – keeping the wine chilled and the conversation flowing. Definitely a must-have for homeowners who appreciate how perfectly chilled drinks elevate the dining experience for themselves and their guests. 

The perfect sip from start to finish

Everyone loves how incredible that first perfectly chilled sip of wine, beer, juice or water is. Kaelo was designed so you can enjoy that perfect sip from the first pour through to the last drop from the bottle. 

Kaelo’s patented dry-cooling system creates a jacket of cold air that wraps around the bottle, keeping your drinks within 1-2 degrees of its opening temperature. Adapted from hyper-efficient medical technologies, it reaches ice-cold temperatures in seconds, yet uses no more power than a 30-watt bulb.

A word of caution: Your wine might run out sooner than usual as your guests help themselves to the perfect sips.

Effortless to use

Ready to use within seconds. Nothing to prepare, refill or clean up. No maintenance required.

All you need to do is to open a new bottle; pour yourself a glass (or two); place the bottle in the Kaelo.

Just a single tap on the Crown and within seconds, a jacket of cold air wraps around the cold bottle, keeping its contents perfectly chilled and its exterior totally dry. No ice; no water; no drips –  just pure enjoyment without worrying about no more ice, diluted drinks or mess.

Charming and fun

Incredibly simple to use, everything is controlled by touching the Crown to switch the Kaelo on or off as well as to control your personalised lighting for an element of fun.

An ideal companion to a wine fridge, the Kaelo keeps an open bottle right where it needs to be: close to hand, and always at the right temperature.

Classy chic design

Take your pick from 3 design styles that best suits your home decor.


A timeless classic – this Kaelo flaunts a seamless curve in a choice of colours and finishes.


For a more discreet style, this Kaelo offers a flat profile embedded into the worktop.


For the minimalist who loves clean lines, this Kaelo can be hidden under a cover made from the same worktop, when not in use.

Combining over 150 years’ experience in precision engineering, each Kaelo is painstakingly crafted, calibrated and tested against strict criteria. This is hand-built British quality you can rely on, complemented with a 2-year warranty.

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