April 5, 2023

Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life, just like a choice of your wine? Look no further than the LE VERRE DE VIN+ Dual Wine Preservation System. With its advanced preservation methods, the classy product ensures that your next sip is just as flavorful as the one before it. Experience the ultimate in style and freshness with the LE VERRE DE VIN+ Dual Wine Preservation System.

From sleek designs to features so fine, this product is simply divine:

The LE VERRE DE VIN+ Dual Wine Preservation System is the perfect addition to any contemporary home or wine cellar. With its sleek, minimalist design, it seamlessly blends in with modern decor and makes a bold statement.

Not only does it open your favorite bottle of wine in mere seconds, but it also keeps your reds and whites aerated and fresh up to 21 days.

The LE VERRE DE VIN+ Dual Wine Preservation System comes with a range of accessories that enhance the wine preservation experience. 

20 still wine stoppers
6 Champagne stoppers
1 pre-set CO2 regulator  
2 food grade CO2 cylinders (425g)

Preservation Makes Wine-By-The-Glass Possible:

Say goodbye to wine wastage and hello to perfectly preserved wine-by-the-glass with the LE VERRE DE VIN+ Dual Wine Preservation System.

This system utilizes advanced vacuum and gas preservation techniques to make sure that both still and sparkling wines maintain their quality for up to 21 days. Chill out with confidence knowing that your finest wine is being preserved to perfection with this unique system that offers lightning-fast resealing in just 1-5 seconds.

Plus, since one of its features is a double-lid closure—you can open it and close it repeatedly without the risk of oxidation.

Pop, Pour, Sip, and Save

Let’s raise a toast to the LE VERRE DE VIN+ Dual Wine Preservation System, whose superior preservation and resealing abilities ensure that every glass of wine is as fresh and flavorful as the first. Cheers to the art of the perfect pour, where every drop is cherished, and none are wasted.

The LE VERRE DE VIN+ system represents a genuine revolution in the way every connoisseur of wine can store and preserve their favorite bottles. Each feature stands out, in its own unique way, a product created that’s here to stay.

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