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Incorporated in 1967, Rina (Electrical) serves as a one-stop destination for all kitchen and laundrycare appliance needs, offering a comprehensive range of products that are of major house-hold brands. We distinguish ourselves as a niche player in this competitive industry by the keen product knowledge and excellent after-sales service support we provide.

At Rina (Electrical), we work closely with major brand Principals and Suppliers to bring in the newest and most reliable home appliances available in the market. In addition, we frequently gather and study the feedback from our customers, home designers and architects to help us further streamline and improve our product offerings, ensuring that the electrical home appliances we carry are of the highest quality and standard.

It is no secret that the key to our success today is the customer-centric approach we have in our business, as well as our dedication and commitment to providing the best customer service and after sales service support for all electrical home appliances purchased from Rina (Electrical). At Rina (Electrical), we seek to establish personal relationships with our customers, knowing them each by their names, and we strive first to understand their various needs and considerations before working alongside them to make informed decisions about their purchase of electrical home appliances.

One of the greatest achievements Rina (Electrical) takes pride in is the many intimate relationships we have forged with our customers over the years. Seeing our customers leaving our store happy and satisfied with their purchases each time, returning to us for their subsequent electrical home appliance purchases, as well as referring our product and services to their family and friends through word-of-mouth give us an immeasurable sense of satisfaction.

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