The fridge and freezer are more than just appliances; they’re the heart of your kitchen. Ensuring your food is stored correctly, retaining its freshness, taste, and nutritional value are all important. Enter Fisher & Paykel, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, presents the RS6121F freezer and RS6121S fridge – appliances that promise to revolutionize your kitchen experience. Here’s why these two models are the best choices for discerning homeowners.

Master Precision With Variable Temperature Zones

One temperature does not fit all when it comes to optimal food preservation as not all foods require the same temperature. With Fisher & Paykel’s innovative technology, you can now store food at temperatures your foods require. 


Pantry Mode: This is the ideal space for items that require a cool, dark environment. It allows fruits, for instance, to ripen at an optimal rate, eliminating the hastiness or sluggishness of the process.

Fridge Mode: Your everyday essentials like vegetables, dairy products, meats, preserves, and drinks find their perfect home here. This zone ensures they are stored at the right temperature, retaining freshness and taste.

Chill Mode: Operating close to freezing temperatures, this mode is perfect for perishable seafoods and meats, ensuring their freshness is locked in. Planning a party? The Chill mode is also ideal for fast chilling of alcoholic beverages, making entertaining a breeze.


Soft Freeze Mode: This mode is designed for foods that need a gentle freeze. Whether it’s delicate desserts or sauces, this mode allows you to portion, cook, or serve straight from the compartment without the wait-time for thawing.

Freezer Mode: Catering to your everyday freezing needs, this mode is suitable for foods that have a storage duration of 1 to 12 months. From veggies to precooked meals, everything stays fresh.

Deep Freezer Mode: Some foods require long-term storage without compromising their quality. This mode, with its consistently low temperatures, can extend the shelf life of general items like meats and fish by up to 6 months.

The Brilliance of ActiveSmart Technology

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Technology elevates the concept of intelligent refrigeration. This state-of-the-art system continuously monitors how you use your fridge and freezer, from door openings to ambient conditions, and even the internal temperature fluctuations. Leveraging this data, ActiveSmart adapts its cooling processes, ensuring the interior maintains optimal conditions for food preservation. This adaptive approach not only ensures your food stays fresher for longer but also promotes energy efficiency, translating to a more eco-friendly appliance that’s kinder to your electricity bills.

Elegance Meets Intelligence: A Design Masterpiece

But it’s not just about the tech inside. The RS6121F freezer and RS6121S fridge sport a sleek, modern design that doesn’t just stand out—it seamlessly integrates into your kitchen space. Whether you have a contemporary kitchen or a classic design, these models enhance the aesthetic appeal, transforming an everyday appliance into a statement piece. With Fisher & Paykel, you’re not just getting a refrigerator; you’re investing in a piece of art that complements and elevates your kitchen’s design.

Customizable Storage Solutions

Fisher & Paykel fridge and freezer aren’t just about looking good—they’re about maximizing utility and organization. The adjustable door shelves let you easily tailor the space for tall bottles or larger containers, ensuring everything finds its rightful place. The glass shelves, beyond their sleek look, are not only easy to clean but also provide a clear view of the items below, simplifying organization. And the half-width door shelves? They’re a game-changer for those who love keeping things tidy, offering specialized spaces for items like condiments, dairy products, or beverages. In essence, with Fisher & Paykel, you’re not just getting efficient cooling; you’re getting a personalized, organized, and efficient storage system that adjusts to your unique needs.


Fisher & Paykel RS6121F freezer and RS6121S fridge offer more than just cooling—they redefine the refrigeration experience.. The variable temperature zones ensure every food type, from fruits to meats, is stored in its ideal environment, guaranteeing freshness. Meanwhile, the ActiveSmart Technology works silently in the background, adjusting settings for optimal efficiency based on your usage patterns. But it’s not all about the inside mechanics; the elegant exterior design of these models adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. And the cherry on top? The customizable storage solutions, which cater to every organizational whim, making your food easily accessible. In choosing these Fisher & Paykel models, you’re opting for a seamless blend of design, innovation, and convenience. Connect with our knowledgeable Product Specialist today to find out more! For a personalized viewing, call us at Tel: 6737 4351. We’re here to assist you!