In the world of high-end kitchen appliances, the Bertazzoni name carries a storied reputation for innovative Italian engineering and elegant design. Their F457PROV 45cm Combi Steam Oven is a prime example of how they continue to push the boundaries of home cooking technology. This versatile oven is a true culinary power tool that can help unlock your full potential as a home chef.

The Ultimate Cooking Flexibility

What sets the F457PROV apart is its unique combi-steam functionality. With the ability to harness both conventional thermal heat and precise humidity control, you gain incredible versatility. Bake flawless artisanal bread loaves with that coveted crisp crust and moist interior. Achieve succulent, fall-off-the-bone meat dishes with moisture lockdown. Or deliver amazingly vibrant vegetables with all the nutrients and flavor sealed in.

This oven’s cutting-edge coal catalytic converter allows precise 0-100% humidity levels with the simple turn of a knob. You can effortlessly recreate the same results as professional steam ovens used by gourmet chefs and bakers. The sky is the limit for your culinary exploration.

Timeless Style Meets Modern Innovation

While the F457PROV’s performance capabilities are second to none, it’s the seamless blend of aesthetic beauty and functional design that makes this oven a true chef’s companion. The elegant brass-persed steel exterior, commercial-style vented glass door, and clean Euro styling exude warmth and sophistication.

On the interior, you’ll find thoughtful details like perfectly positioned atmospheric burners, soft motion oven racks, and a remarkably intuitive LED touch controller. Everything has been meticulously engineered to provide the optimal user experience and interaction.

Energy Efficient and Easy Maintenance

In addition to its impressive cooking prowess, the F457PROV has been constructed with an environmentally-conscious mindset. Its impressive energy efficiency exceeds US Department of Energy requirements by an impressive 20%. That means you can indulge your culinary passions while consuming less energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

And when it comes to keeping your oven in pristine condition, Bertazzoni makes the task virtually effortless. The F457PROV features an eco-friendly vapor clean function that uses only heat and water to easily dissolve and wipe away any baked-on spills or splatters. No harsh chemical cleaners required.For the home chef who refuses to compromise on either style or performance, the Bertazzoni F457PROV 45cm Combi Steam Oven delivers the complete package. Unleash your full culinary talents while enjoying the elegant Italian craftsmanship Bertazzoni is renowned for. This oven is sure to be the crown jewel of your kitchen.  Make an appointment with us to view this gem or find out more on: