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Smart 75cm Built-in Gas Hob


Blue Power Flame
Featuring a 5.0KW burner, the Forza has a bigger heating area thus creating a high efficiency of cooking at 58%

Smart Detector Control
The thermostat sensor will be activated when your cooking pot reaches 298° and above. A warning beep will alert you to prevent food or liquids from being over burned and also to prevent a fire hazard.

Smart Alert Function
When the battery runs low and is unable to power the Smart Detector, a warning beep will sound, alerting you that it is time to replace the battery.


  • Black Safety Glass
  • 2 Burners:
    • Wok Burner, Blue Power Flame 5kWx 2
      (suitable for very fast heating, maximum pan/pot Ѳ 240mm)
  • SMART Detector to Prevent Fire Hazard (Located at Left Burner)
  • 58% High Heat Efficiency
    Dual Valve for Precise Heat Control
  • Cast Iron Pan Support with Integrated Wok Stand
  • Safety Flame Device
  • Low Battery Alert Function
  • Stainless Steel Frame to Prevent Chipping
  • Battery Powered One-Step Ignition (Battery Size “D”, 1.5V)

Product Dimension:

  • Product Dimension (mm) (W x D): 780 x 460
  • Built-in Dimension (mm) (W x H x D): 700 x 160 x 400, R20
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