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3 Zones Contemporary Induction Cooktop


Three elements and bridging option to accommodate different pan sizes

40% faster temperature response than gas or electric

Magnetic induction technology provides fast and perfectly distributed heat

Highly efficient, because energy is supplied directly to the cookware

Incredible cooking control, with lightning fast high heat and very low lows

Can be installed flush with countertop for smooth, continuous surface

Rigorously tested in our U.S. manufacturing facilities for decades of use

Cookware heats up fast, yet cooktop stays relatively cool for safety

Cookware sensing guards against hot burners being left on

  • Model ICBCI243C/B
  • Dimensions 609.6 mm W x 64 mm H x 533 mm D
  • Weight 42 lb
  • Electrical Supply 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Service 20 amp dedicated circuit
  • Conduit Length 4 feet

Cooktop Specifications

  • 2 – 2100 W Element with 3000 W Boost
  • 1 – 2600 W Element With 3150 W Boost
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