A Bertazzoni cooker blends design and an innovative approach to function. The Italian family-owned company has been turning out luxury kitchen stoves for more than 100 years. Best known for stylish accents and colour options, Bertazzoni also brings professional performance to your kitchen at home with best-in-category capacity, flexibility and usability.

Read on, and you will know why Bertazzoni is quickly emerging as the household name in beautifully designed, high-quality home range cookers.

High-end look without the price tag

Bertazzoni cookers look very upmarket, thanks to their glossy paint jobs, sturdy grates and depth. At 60cm deep, Bertazzoni cookers sit perfectly flush with your existing kitchen cabinetry, giving you the clean, posh look of a designer kitchen.

For decades, the Bertazzoni name has been associated with an exceptional dedication to high-end range designs yet on average, a Bertazzoni costs 30% less than other professional-style range cookers.

You might wonder if the company has cut corners or sacrificed quality. Actually, Bertazzoni has found an effective way to offer both high-end style and reasonable prices without compromising either.

Since 2001, Bertazzoni manufacturing adopts what is known as the ‘Toyota Production System’. The system is based on how Toyota automobiles are produced, allowing Bertazzoni to produce their products at high speed and efficiently low costs without compromising quality. As a result, Bertazzoni is able to offer products that are top-of-the-range (pun intended) in features and appearance.


Elegant combination of form and function

Each Bertazzoni appliance is an elegant combination of form and function, technology and inimitable style.

With 11 functions from convection, baking and grilling to defrosting and fast-preheat, the oven allows you to cook what you want, when you want, with perfect results every time.


Professional cooking at home

Most professional chefs prefer to cook with gas because of its versatility and controllability. Likewise, many home chefs appreciate that as it helps them produce beautifully cooked dishes. Bertazzoni gas burners are intuitive to operate, giving you full confidence to try new dishes and cooking styles.

Bertazzoni gas cooktops feature a 5kW dual ring power burner and commercial grade cast iron continuous surface grates. Solid brass or black monobloc burners ensure infinitely adjustable, even and efficient heating of pans.

Thermocouple Safety device is installed on every Bertazzoni gas burner, allowing for flow of gas only when flame is present. This allows you to cook with complete peace of mind.


Fast and efficient cooking

Bertazzoni electric ovens feature fan technology that delivers optimal heat distribution and faster heat-up times whilst avoiding hot spots and heat shadows. This helps home chefs to create the perfect dish every time as quick heating times ensure that food stay succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Precision cooking is made possible by multiple elements, controlled by a programmable micro-processor for the best cooking results. Cooking temperatures are constantly monitored and managed between 40°C and 300°C.


Colour your world

Another differentiating feature that sets Bertazzoni cookers from the competition is the spectrum of designer colour options that will leave you spoilt for choice. Bertazzoni recognizes that each customer is unique and offers you the opportunity to select not only the model that suits your cooking needs, but also the colour that suits your personality and kitchen décor.

Bertazzoni’s unique paint job carries a touch of European flair, using the same triple-coat paint process used on high-end Italian sports cars.

In addition to the final product being beautiful, Bertazonni also makes their cookers in an environmentally friendly factory in Italy. 99% of the materials used are recyclable, including the packaging!

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