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Classixx Condenser Dryer


ECARF Quality Seal: specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.

AntiVibration™ Design: extremely stable and especially quiet thanks to special vibration protection.

AutoDry: gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want.

TouchControl buttons: convenient to operate thanks to the electronic control panel.

SensitiveDrying system: soft, even drying thanks to the unique drum structure.

  • 7 kg capacity
  • Consumption of 7 kg cotton cupboard dry: 1400 U/min – 3.36 kwh – 89 min 1000 U/min – 3.92 kwh – 104 min
  • Special programmes: sportswear, 20min caliente, super quick 40
  • Anti crease cycle 60 min at the end of the programme
  • Touch control buttons: Start/Stop, Low Heat
  • AutoDry technology
  • Sensitive Drying System: Big Galvanised drum with textile care structure, soft design paddles
  • LED programme progress indicator and service notes
  • Fully electronic control dial for sensor drying programmes, timed and special programmes
  • AntiVibration Design: more stability and quietness

Dimensions: H 842 x W 598 x D 639

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