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Bottom Freezer Refrigerator w Biofresh

  • 2 separately adjustable cooling circuits for refrigerator and freezer compartment
  • Electronic control system
    • digital refrigerator and freezer temperature displays
    • visual and audible temperature alarm for freezer compartment (can be switched off)
    • control lamps for mains, alarm and SuperFrost
    • quantity-controlled automatic SuperFrostfunction for freezer compartment
    • automatic SuperCool-function for refrigerator compartment
    • interchangeable door hinges
  • Refrigerator compartment:
    • re-circulated air cooling with fan
    • automatic defrosting -interior light
    • GlassLinestorage shelves (1 sectioned, one half can be slid underneath the other)
    • fruit and vegetable bins
    • GlassLinestorage racks
    • one half rack offering space for tall bottles
    • butter and cheese compartment
    • butter dish
    • egg tray
    • bottle/can holder
  • Freezer compartment:
    • automatic defrosting
    • FrostSafesystem with transparent drawers
    • freezer tray suspended in drawer
    • cold-storage accumulator
    • SafeControlinformation system
    • ice-cube tray
    • FrostControldisplay
  • BioFresh-compartment:
    • re-circulated air cooling
    • automatic defrosting
    • drawers mounted on telescopic rails
    • top drawer (DrySafe) with low humidity for shellfish, fish, meat, cold meats and dairy products
    • bottom drawer (HydroSafe) with adjustable humidity for fruit and vegetables information system

Dimensions: H 1772 – 1788 x W 560 – 570 x D 550

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